Steam Inc.

Video Film of Steamboating

On this page you will find links to video of steam launches.

This is a two minute video on YouTube showing a race on Otter Creek, VT.  The camera is on Meteor, a fast steam launch with lots of firewood on board.  The Black Eagle is trying to catch up having used up all its firewood.  Kerosene is being added to the fire to make steam and passengers are paddling with oar and cooler top.  Black Eagle is looking to catch the current on the creek to gain an advantage.

This video was filmed by a spectator who accidently stumbled upon the brand new owner of SL Reciproca getting his first lesson from the builder and previous owner. Flimed on Blue Lake somewhere in Penn.   If you ever wanted to know how quiet a steamboat is this video will answer that question.

This two minute video has a good whistle, excellent siren, and shows how maneuverable a steam boat can be on the Mullica River with its serious current, narrow width and overhanging trees.  Don't try this at home!

Dave Thorpe takes the audience through the basics of how a steam engine and boiler works aboard his boat Wicwas in 2010.  This four minute video is well produced.

Here is a short video, less than 40 seconds, that will show the web master's new steam accoutrement.  No, not a Navy K nor a quarter inch Penberthy, but it's good enough.   Follow this YouTube link.

This four minute video is a clever musical performance in the engine room of a steamboat using the engine to keep time.  This will please young and old alike.

This is a well produced video covering a small steam meet on Lake Nockamixon in Penn.  Good footage of inside and outside of operating steam launches.  20 minutes long and very interesting.  Filmed in October 2012.