Steam Inc.

Let's look at what folks are doing

When steamboat operators are not at the helm on the water there is often interesting projects going on in the shop.  You just never know what those who have the "steam bug" may be up to. From time to time some examples of these doings will be listed here.


Shown below are the most recent plans by Larry Shepard for a 30 ft. tugboat with firetube boiler and an antique compound engine from England.  Larry plans to have the hull made with aluminum, and yes, Larry loves tugboats.

Photo below is Joseph Samuel White engine for Larry's tug.  Built in 1904 and rated 20 HP @ 435 rpm with 130 psi steam.






This hobby is filled with tradition.  Some of the faithful not only like to run boats from 130 years ago, but they like to make their own parts from scratch.  One of the oldest skills related to steam engines is the ability to cast metal.  How did mankind figure out how to do this hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago?  We can only guess.  In the following video we will follow Carl Kriegeskotte making sand molds and then pouring molten bronze to cast parts for a steam engine project. 


Click the link above to watch bronze castings being made. 


Below are the latest photos from Carl K. and his Shay engine.

The photo above is of the Strath engine from Black Eagle.  On the very last day of the season, an eccentric slipped sideways and jammed. A spot of loctite and machining help from Bob L. put all back right again.